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You’ve got your snow gear, your snowmobile is primed, and you have an itch for adventure and excitement that you can’t find anywhere else in Michigan. Where do you go?

With a network of trails that can take you across the Upper Peninsula, snowmobile friendly city roadways and some of the best places to stay in the state, the Soo is one of the premier snowmobiling destinations in Michigan. Check out hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails that begin in Sault Ste. Marie here and sprawl out to Brimley, Tahquamenon Falls and beyond here. Trail conditions can be checked regularly here.

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the soo international i-500

It is the granddaddy of snowmobile races. Sault Ste. Marie is a mecca in the competitive snowmobile racing world as the host to the Soo International-500. The I-500 has been a fixture for over 50 years and features top-flight machines competing in a 500-mile endurance race to prove who is the best. Each year hundreds of attendees come out to cheer on the competitors, and YOU could have an opportunity to have VIP seating in the hotbox area. Watch from the comfort of a suite as the daylong races culminate on February 1, and a champion is crowned.

snow what fun

So you just spent a day sledding across the EUP, and now you’re back in the Soo. So what now? You’re in luck! Feel free to drive your snowmobile downtown for a nightcap on your adventure with a handful of great places to dine at, all accessible from your snowmobile. The regulations for using a snowmobile along Sault Ste. Marie streets are available here. Looking for more inspiration for your snowmobiling adventure? Try out our blog here.

mackinac bridge transport

The Mackinac Bridge Authority provides transport for snowmobilers who are not allowed to cross on their own. The service is available 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

Fees are:
$15 per sled one way, plus $3.50 for each additional rider. For more information call the Mackinac Bridge 906-643-7600.

1. All U.S. Citizens and aliens seeking entry to the United States MUST REPORT their arrival. Entry into Canada MUST BE REPORTED as well.

2. Travelers arriving at Drummond Island, via the “Ice Bridge” are required to immediately report their arrival to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office upon entering from a foreign port or country.

3. For general information regarding reporting procedures please call CBP @ 906-632-2631. More information can be
found here.

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