Start your snowmobiling adventure in Sault Ste. Marie

One thing is for sure, Sault Ste. Marie is the snowmobile hub of the Eastern Upper Peninsula. With hundreds of miles of groomed trails surrounding the Soo and an average snowfall over 120 inches a year, it is the perfect home base for your up north snowmobiling adventures this winter.

The trails will lead you into the breathtaking wilderness and give you a real view of the unbridled nature of backcountry snowmobile riding in the Upper Peninsula.  However, riding up here isn’t for the faint of heart! Make sure to keep an eye out for low tree branches and wet spots, and keep a copy of the trail map on hand so you can have an amazing and safe ride.

Photo credit: Carri Bradley

Getting to the trails from within city limits has never been easier as snowmobiles are allowed on most city streets! Before you hit the streets, make sure to check out the specific safety regulations. Cruise around town, gas up the sleds and stop into one the locally-owned coffee shops to fill up the caffeine reserves. Then, you are ready to begin your adventures on one of the many area trails! Click here for a map.

Venture deeper into the trail system by heading west on Trail #8 westward toward Brimley and be prepared for a spectacular view! This trail leads you through the Hiawatha National Forest and includes the Mission Hill Overlook. Here you can enjoy a quick pit stop to really appreciate the beauty of Monocle Lake and, just beyond that, Lake Superior.

Keep heading west on #Trail 8 and you will ride all the way to Paradise, literally! Whitefish Point is just ahead as well. Prepare for breathtaking views of Lake Superior. Looking for more uniquely UP sights? Hit up Tahquamenon State Park on your way back, marvel at the sights and grab a bite at the Tahquamenon Brewery before you venture back to the Soo.

After an unforgettable day of trail riding, ride all the way into downtown Sault Ste. Marie and enjoy a night out full of delicious food and good company at one of the many restaurants and taverns along Ashmun Street and Portage Avenue.

If you want a snowmobile adventure, but don’t have a sled of your own, we’ve got you covered in The Soo!  Sanderson Field offers snowmobile rentals and gear for a day on the trails so you won’t miss out. Click here for more information.

However, for the best competitive snowmobiling and non-stop action, join us for the International-500 Snowmobile Race on Saturday, February 1st! You can purchase your button for entry here.

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