Museum Ship Valley Camp

Explore every nook and cranny of the Museum Ship Valley Camp, a retired freighter which logged over 3 million miles over its’ 49 years of service. Extensive cargo holds contain hundreds of interesting artifacts, paintings, shipwreck items, and models and exhibits of objects related to maritime history. Friendly staff is available at all times to answer questions and give extensive information on the many aspects of maritime life.

Museum Ship Valley Camp

Make sure to allow plenty of time to visit the various attractions, including the many museum exhibits, the Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial and Exhibit, multiple aquariums, and crews’ quarters. You can walk around the entire ship, from the engine room to captain’s bridge! Throughout the great freighter, the various museum exhibits hold an eclectic collection of Great Lakes memorabilia, appealing to a wide variety of audiences.

Museum Ship Valley CampThe Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial and Exhibit is a very unique sight that must be explored at least once in your life. Experience an hour-long presentation about the events of November 10, 1975 which caused the tragic loss of one of the Great Lakes’ largest freighters. The Museum Ship Valley Camp holds two of the actual lifeboats from the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. In fact, those are two of the very few major artifacts recovered after its’ tragic sinking. 

In addition to exploring over 100 museum exhibits, check out the four 1,200-gallon aquariums stocked with various species of fish Museum Ship Valley Campfound right here in the Great Lakes. The Museum Ship Valley Camp is one of the very few locations that hold aquariums in the Upper Peninsula. Containing stepping stools for the children, adventurers of all ages are welcome to take in the sights of the fish up close.

As a freighter that once housed a crew of 29 men in her cabins, the Museum Ship Valley Camp opens up her Captain’s Quarters and plain accommodations to explorers of all ages. Visitors are able to witness firsthand the lifestyle of Great Lakes sailors that lived and worked aboard this great ship.

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