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Online registration is only available until 1/30/2019 after that please pay at the red locations and times below.

Total Number of  Sleds Registered, of the 1,048 needed, for the Guinness Book of World Record Snowmobile Parade Attempt.





INFORMATION (1/14/2019)

Friday, February 1, 2019, Guinness World Record (GWR) Parade Instructions:
STEP 1 Pre-Register online HERE until Wednesday, January 30!
STEP 2 Pick up your numbered bib during the times below at Kewadin Casino Hotel and Convention Center. You will need your driver’s license and sled registration to get your bib.  To speed up the process print and fill out a form in advance so you’re ready when you show up on one of the below dates. Click for the form 2019 GWR FORM or request a form early by emailing

You will need your driver’s license, sled registration number, make, model and year of the sled to pick up your Bib!
Wednesday, January 30th from 4-7pm at Kewadin Casino Hotel and Convention Center (near hotel lobby)
Thursday, January 31st from 2-8pm at Kewadin Casino Hotel and Convention Center (near hotel lobby)
Friday, February 1st from 8am-12pm at Kewadin Casino Hotel and Convention Center (near hotel lobby)

Parade Starts at 3PM

Staging Areas
VINTAGE SLEDS: Trailer your sleds to I-500 Parking lot. The Vintage Sleds will be the first in the parade.


Kewadin Casino: Please use the South parking lot.
Dondee Lanes: 3162 S. Mackinac Trail Rd
Kmart Parking lot WILL NOT BE USED

PLEASE NOTE: due to new Guinness World Record Rules you will not be able to register at the actual staging areas right before the parade. Please make sure to visit Kewadin at the times listed above before going to the staging areas.

2PM to make it to the track before 3PM

Parade Route
The parade route will have snow put on it prior to the parade, it will then be groomed by our local snowmobile grooming organization! Thank you! After the parade, the snow will be removed immediately to open the road back up to vehicles. After the parade, you will need to use the trail system to return to your truck and trailer at the staging areas. The police will be stationed at major intersections for traffic control.

I-500 Track Parking
Snowmobile parking at the I500 track is free to parade participants on the day of the parade only, Friday, February 1, 2019! Truck and trailer parking is available for $2 on Thursday at the parking shack.

-Please try to maintain a 20-mph speed limit.
-Mind the Gap! No more than two sled length from the person ahead of you.
-Maintain single file line per GWR requirements.
-Bibs must be visible at all times per GWR requirements.

NEW Parade Route Map to be announced soon!