Hiking in the Soo and Eastern Upper Peninsula

Sault Ste. Marie doesn’t just specialize in terrific waterways. We also have amazing trails to hike. Whether you are a novice or a skillful hiker, there is something for everyone. Plus, these trails can be hiked any time of year if you’re up for it! Grab your snowshoes or hiking boots and you are set to explore the beauty that the Soo trails have to offer.

Trails throughout the EUP

Nothing captures the peace and tranquility of nature like a hike through the woods. There are trails all over the EUP that anyone can find joy in.

North Country Trail

The North County Trail is the longest trail in the National Trails System! It stretches 4,700 miles, 122 miles of which is in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. It skirts lake shores and riverbanks, wandering through northern boreal forests, and rambling along ancient ridges. Map information for the Eastern Upper Peninsula can be found HERE. If you’re looking for a beautiful trek and a stunning U.P. attraction, venture along the North Country Trail to the Tahquamenon Falls State Park! More details HERE.

Algonquin Trail

If you’re just looking for a pleasant walk in nature, the Algonquin trail might be a good choice for you! This trail is located just outside of town, making it the perfect option if you’re in the mood for a quick hike. But the Algonquin Trail is a series of loops that add up to about 9 miles. So you can choose to hike a variety of lengths. The main loop is about 1.6 miles and is lit up at night. The Algonquin Trail is better know as a cross country ski trail, so if you’re here in the winter, it is also a great option!

Round Island Point

Round Island Point is a large block of protected habitat near Lake Superior in Brimley, MI. In total, this preserve is 1,024 acres. The trail is great for seeing all sorts of wildlife such as birds. There is a 1½ mile inland groomed trail which includes an outlook with some great views. But feel free to explore off the dedicated trails and explore your way to Lake Superior.

Tahquamenon Falls Trails

Tahquamenon Falls is well known for its natural beauty, but there are also a variety of trail systems in that area. One of the popular routes is the hike between the Upper and Lower Falls. The state part is sprawled across a total of 46,179 acres, making it a great place to explore.

Ashmun Creek Trail

This trail is about 2 miles in length and located right in town. This trail is also a great option for hikers of any skill set. It is open year-round and is great for snowshoeing. But if you go out in the winter be on the lookout for snowmobilers as this area is on the snowmobile trail system.

Voyageur Island

Grab your kayaks and paddleboards! The EUP is home to more than hiking trails. Explore water trails that lead to excellent hiking trails, such as Voyageur Island.


Protect Michigan trails by not using them when muddy

Riding or walking on a muddy trail destroys the surface. It leaves ruts/deep holes, uneven tire and footprints, contributes to erosion and creates a hard-to-fix trail surface. Hint: If you are leaving visible bicycle ruts, deep footprints or hoof tracks the trail is too muddy.

Mission Hill Season by Season

Biking trails

Not only does the Soo have some pretty great hiking trails, but we also have some awesome routes and trails to bike. You don’t have to be a professional biker either. Just grab your bike and get your heart pounding on these exciting trails.

To see some great routes around the downtown Sault Ste. Marie area check out the maps on this page. These routes are perfect for a biker at any skill level. Plus, you get a nice tour of the downtown area!

Trails Directory

Water Trails – Courtesy of EUP Regional Planning

North Country Trail – Courtesy of the NCTA


Biking – Courtesy of EUP Regional Planning

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