Fall Color Update 2017

Check back on Tuesdays and Fridays for updates from Sault Ste. Marie to Paradise, Michigan.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park October 14, 2017

10/24 Peak fall color has come and is quickly falling off the trees with the gusty wind and rain. This is the end of fall and the last post to this page for 2017. Come back in 2018!

10/20 I don’t know if Sault Ste. Marie is ever going to hit peak fall! We’re still sitting at 75% right in the Soo, but there’s color all around us. If you’re thinking about coming to the Soo area this weekend for fall color, do it! Saturday will be the best day.

10/17 I can finally give you a colorful update! Sault Ste. Marie still has a little green, but over 75% of the trees in town have changed color. Heading west is far more colorful Paradise at peak if not slightly past peak. The weekend’s rain and wind ravaged some of the trees so the area is already starting to lose what little bit of fall we got. Don’t delay if your heading up this weekend; this will most likely be your last chance at fall color.

10/13 We are slowly making our way towards peak color. Today, our color saturation ranges from 40-50% depending on the area. Sault Ste. Marie generally has less color than Point Iroquois and Tahquamenon as I write this. Colder, more fall-like weather will help to expedite the process, and we are looking at peak color occurring sometime next week.

10/10 Not much has changed, yet. We are still hovering around 25-35% color saturation from Sault Ste. Marie to Point Iroquois Lighthouse. From my discussions with our in-house meteorologist, this year’s color is slightly later than last year’s, but not by much. Fall weather is creeping in, so we hope to see more color next week. Stay tuned for continuous updates on fall color in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

10/6 The weather has been stunning this week with chilly mornings and sunny days. The color hasn’t improved much since Tuesday, it’s still very green with only 25% color saturation in Sault Ste. Marie. The drive west gets a little better near Point Iroquois Lighthouse with 30-35% color and a beautiful drive along the Curley Lewis Highway. Paradise is also only looking at about 25% color, but the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is still open until October 31 and the Tahquamenon Falls State Park is open year round. Both are wonderful places to visit.

10/3 The weekend improved the fall colors in all areas; we are now enjoying closer to 25% color saturation. 

9/29 The cool air feels amazing and you can smell all in the air. As for the trees, they are still very slow to change. All three areas are reporting a max of 15-20% color change. This is a slight improvement, but still a long way from where we should be this time of year.

9/26 I’m sorry…I’m so sorry that I again have to tell you that we are still at 10-15% color in all areas. 

9/22  It is 80 degrees out today and the colors are refusing to change because it’s so warm. Yet again all three locations are reporting 10-15% color saturation. 

9/19 In all three locations the weather is amazing, but the color is still lacking. From Sault Ste. Marie to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum color is still sitting at 10-15%. The mornings are cooler, but the days are still reaching in the seventies. 

9/15 Sault Ste. Marie color has slowed with the warm temperatures of the past week. The  Soo Locks Park color change is at about 20% and starting to look stunning, but the rest of the city is still mostly a dull green. Point Iroquois Lighthouse is seeing a lot of reds that are almost ready to fall off the trees, but they experienced the same slowdown with the warm nights. Near the lighthouse and Mission Hill Overlook they are only about 10%. From Tahquamenon Falls State Park to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum they are seeing mostly reds and a few orange leaves starting to pop out like everywhere else the greens are fading. As of today, they are still 10-15% color saturation. 

9/12 Sault Ste. Marie’s green trees are fading to more of a yellow-green with hints of red. Point Iroquois Lighthouse said that the reds are dominating the color change palette, but yellow can be seen also. With the temps warming up this week we will see the fall color change slow a little however, it is starting to look like the waterfront may have an earlier fall than predicted. Tahquamenon Falls State Park to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is still very green reporting only 10-15% color change.

9/8 It’s still very green, but a number of the red Maples have changed almost overnight throughout the region. 

9/5 The color situation is the same.

9/1 It’s early and things are still very green, but we’re starting to see some reds peeking through and some yellows falling on the ground in all locations! This year fall is lining up with our standard prediction that peak color will happen the last week of September and the first week of October.