Ride With the Lake Freighters

Much like the Great Lakes themselves, the Soo Locks are vital to Sault Ste. Marie’s tourism industry. The Soo Lock Boat Tours really take advantage of this amazing resource. Beginning in May and throughout the warm summer months, these boats allow guests of Sault Ste Marie to get a unique view of the Soo.

The Soo Locks sit at the northern end of the St. Marys River connecting Lake Superior and Lake Huron. The Locks make it possible for boats, of all sizes, to traverse the 21-foot difference between the upper river and the lower river better known as the St. Marys Rapids. Locking through is your opportunity to actually experience the tour boat raising, or lowering, with 22 million gallons of water fed by gravity (no pumps) into the Poe Lock.

history & a show

With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to pass by a freighter and get a full understanding of their incredible size and powerful presence on the river. The Soo Locks Boat Tour is an experience to remember. You will actually ride through the Soo Locks, share the river with a freighter, and perhaps spot some wildlife!  It is a maritime adventure that’s educational, lots of fun, and you don’t need a passport. Book your tickets online today here.

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lighthouse cruise

Another way to really experience the beauty of the St Marys River is to enjoy a Lighthouse Cruise with the Soo Locks Boat Tour. This fully narrated tour is a half-day that begins by riding through the Soo Locks and navigates along the St. Marys River all the way to the entrance to the largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Superior. Explore this important waterway and pay attention to the variety of navigation markers which lead ships to the Soo Locks from Lake Superior.

dinner cruise

Enjoy a relaxing narrated cruise on the St. Marys River and sight-seeing in the Sugar Island North Channel as you enjoy a delicious buffet-style dinner. After dinner, you will lock through the Soo Locks. The narrator will explain all the interesting sights along the two waterfronts of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  While on the Upper St. Marys River, you will enjoy a delightful dessert.


More Information

Experience the Soo Locks Boat Tours for yourself to see why it’s one of Michigan’s top attractions and is recognized by AAA as a GEM® Attraction. Many departure times are available to accommodate any schedule. The tour is approximately 2 hours long. You can call 800-432-6301 or book your tickets online.