Jess & Justice’s Trip to “The Soo”

Jess & Justice’s Trip to “The Soo”

Destination Sault Ste. Marie

Leaving Dayton Ohio on our first vacation to Michigan my seven year old daughter Justice and I had a longing for a long weekend away from the city life. We  traveled through the state of Michigan that I knew a lot about but never realized difference between perception and reality. The excitement of the approach to the Upper Peninsula and the magnificent structure “The Mighty Mac” that I have heard so much about stretched itself across this massive body of water. Traveling across the Mackinac Bridge I was totally amazed by the vastness of the water. I had never seen such a deep color of sapphire blue. Reaching the toll booths I felt as if I had ventured into a whole new world. The landscape changed and suddenly I felt as if I would never leave this area. I would love to live in this land of beauty and serenity.

Jess & Justice Welcome You to “The Soo”

The first night sleeping was a bit difficult. The sounds of the night were foreign to me. Where I am used to the sounds of traffic and sirens, here there were silence and crickets. How peaceful and relaxing. After a day of the wonderful fresh clean air the sleep was so deep that I felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Again I felt that I would never leave this beautiful land, I will never leave Sault Ste. Marie.

More to come soon.