weekly updates

Check back in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Friday starting September 15, 2021, for updates from Sault Ste. Marie to Paradise, Michigan.

UPDATE 10-19-21

Soo Locks Parks This may be your last week for pretty fall colors in Sault Ste. Marie. The Soo Locks Park is near peak color saturation, but parts of the city are still rather green. This year has been very hard to predict fall colors. 
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills PEAK 
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point PEAK

UPDATE 10-12-21

Soo Locks Parks Near Peak, 80% saturation
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills PEAK 
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point PEAK

UPDATE 10-7-21

Soo Locks Parks The park is inching closer and closer to peak color. Expect colors be at their peak within the next week. Currently the Soo Locks Park is between 60-70 percent.
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills This is the last weekend the lighthouse will be open for tours, but it’s still a prime location for fall colors. Currently colors are upwards of 60 percent with some spots reaching into the 70s. 
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point
Thanks to warm and beautiful weather colors are being reported in the 60-65 percent range for the area. Peak season could be any day now, but there still are large areas with green, yet some spots are over 70 percent. Don’t forget you can visit the museum until October 31, 2021.

UPDATE 09-27-21

Soo Locks Parks is still under 50%, but it’s getting there! The next two weeks will see it and the area in peak colors. It’s not uncommon to find trees in full color throughout the EUP right now.

UPDATE 09-27-21

Soo Locks Parks The colors in the park have exploded over the weekend! The trees are between 35-40% saturation! Don’t be surprised by the occasional 100% GREEN trees though!
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills “OVERNIGHT!” we suddenly had 40% color saturation!!!
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point Near Lake Superior the color saturation is close to 40%, but inland at Tahquamenon Falls State Park the percentage is higher.

UPDATE 9-21-21

Soo Locks Park  The colors are developing! The colors are between 10-15%.
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills the colors are between 15-20%.
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point the color is also between 15-20%.

UPDATE 9-17-2021

Soo Locks Park The park is more green than red and yellow, but fall is on its way! The eastern end of the EUP is just above 5%.
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills The colors saturation is between 5-10%, but still, a very slow start says the lighthouse keeper. He asked that I remind visitors that the property is accessible. However, the Tower and Museum are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for the remainder of the season. Point Iroquois will close for the season on Sunday, October 13, 2019.
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point The drive up to the museum is fantastic once the color starts popping. However, they reported that they are only about 10-15% color saturation today. “It’s spotty, but fall is definitely on the way!”. You can visit the museum until October 31, 2019.

UPDATE 9-14-2021

Fall feels like it’s just around the corner, but the trees disagree. From Sault Ste. Marie to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum on Whitefish Bay there are a handful of trees that a popping with fall color, but for the most part all variety of trees are still very green. The area is less than 10% color saturation. 
9-9-2019 The leaves in the Eastern Upper Peninsula have begun to change. Sault Ste. Marie is currently less than 5%