If you enjoy NASCAR you will love the I-500 Snowmobile Race “NASCAR on Ice”

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Come join us for the 50th Annual International I-500 Snowmobile Race and experience all the thrills of NASCAR on a one-mile oval ice track. The I-500 is the BIGGEST event in the Upper Peninsula and in the entire snowmobile-racing world. No Hans devices. No padding. Just 100% raw courage!!!

Be part of the action with the Guinness World Record Snowmobile Parade Attempt Thursday, February 1st, 2018! We are attempting to break the world record for the longest snowmobile parade and you can help by registering HERE. All registered drivers must have a valid drivers license and state registered sled. Your registration will provide you a wristband that will get you into the afternoon parade to be submitted to Guinness World Records, free snowmobile parking Thursday at the I-500 Track, and free admission to the Thursday night Woody’s Challenge. 

When drivers accelerate to speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour on the straightaways, your heart will race…

Mark your calendar for the weekend of February 3, 2018 and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime!!!

Please check out the I-500 website for further updated information on the 2018 50th Annual I-500 Snowmobile Race.

Check out the International 500 Snowmobile Race Promo Video by Seth Landon – The Winning Edge Magazine.


The I-500 began in 1969 and is a 100% volunteer organization. We are always looking for more volunteers. Racing rules are not part of the race committee.

The track was actually set on an old creek bed of gravel and clay. The site was originally developed in World War II as an ammunition dump.

The coldest race day was -31F in 1996.

The track was built in less than six months purely by volunteer help. The first year, the race was so slow that spectators could actually walk across the track between machines.

It takes 3 weeks and 1,800,000 gallons of water to make the track. Water is transported from a hydrant in the pit area via the use of three 8,000 gallon tankers and many trips around the track.

Each year is different but ice has been found on the track bed in late May. One cool summer as late as the 4th of July.

From the first race come these immortal words- GENTLEMEN GO FAST, ALWAYS TURN LEFT, AND DO NOT FALL OFF YOUR SLED

Vintage Snowmobile Show ~ Memories at the Mile

Antique, Vintage & Classic Snowmobile Show

Part of the 50th Annual I-500 Snowmobile Race

Participants will be allowed to make one parade lap on the World Famous I-500 Oval prior to the start of the I-500 Snowmobile Classic as well as having their sled on display around the track.